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Initial Men’s Health evaluation

This is a one hour consultation to review where you are in your health, where you would like to be, and generate a plan to make this happen. ($300)

Men’s Health Center Plan: Take your life back in a year

A comprehensive, individualized, holistic approach to becoming healthy. This includes incorporating whatever medical evaluation or support is needed for each individual. (12 month commitment $200/month including gym access)

Some men will choose a more tailored less intensive approach to help them in their specific needs.


What is different about this vs. a diet plan on weight loss center?

        This center is designed to meet the needs of those who have had difficulties in the past with long term weight reduction and lifestyle change. Many have not been successful in the past with trying just a diet or gym membership need more help and direction to be able to incorporate all the necessary changes into their lifestyle to have life-long change. Additionally many also need to be under the direct care of a physician to be able to monitor and evaluate them to ensure a safe and healthy process. Because of this many patients will need blood work, cardiac evaluation, sleep studies, nutrition counseling or other medical monitoring. This is a comprehensive physician directed approach to addressing all of someone’s health needs.

Do you take insurance?

        Unfortunately in today’s medical environment procedures and paperwork are valued over time. I believe that for someone to do this well and have long-lasting lifestyle change there needs to be a very personal, tailored approach designed within a meaningful doctor-patient relationship. There is no substitute for time spent in continuously tailoring health for each individual. I believe this is why so many cookie cutter approaches provide no results, or short term results but then fail over the long run. So unfortunately at this time I am not able to accept insurance and feel that i will be able to provide what is needed to help people in this program.